sweeping machine stratos profi new

The revised düvelsdorf sweeper machine appeals with its proven design in combination with new practice-oriented detail solutions.
For example, the collection trough has also been equipped with height-adjustable spindles or the option of mounting the side sweeping broom on the left or right has been created.
Of course, the tried-and-tested attachments still fit the basic body. The sweeper is ideal for cleaning dirty roads, yard areas, feed tables or silo plates.

At a glance

  • Working widths 1.5 m/ 1.8 m / 2.25 m/ 2.7 m

Standard equipment: 

  • 3 support wheels with 250x60mm diameter made of PUR

  • Brush diameter 58 cm

  • 20° inclination on both sides of the machine

  • Large volume collection tank with hydraulic drainage

  • Sweeping with open collection tank possible


  • D-Lock with a wide range of screwable mounts (self-adjusting pendulum and height compensation).
  • 3-point mount with pendulum compensation, KAT 1 and KAT 2
  • Forklift mount 


  • Side sweeping broom PPN or PPN/ steel: right OR both sides
  • Spraying device with 200 l water tank
  • Hydraulic inclination 20°
  • Superelastic wheels 250x85 mm for low vibration comfortable ride


  • Oil flow rate: minimum 30 l, maximum 60 l
  • Max. pressure 180 bar. If these values are exceeded, than the flow control valve must be fitted!

Article numbers

Sweeping machine Stratos Profi 1,50 m 3-point KAT1 / KAT2 3304815010
Sweeping machine Stratos Profi 1,50 m D-Lock380
Sweeping machine Stratos Profi 1,50 m forklift400
Sweeping machine Stratos Profi 1,80 m 3-point KAT1 / KAT2 3504817010
Sweeping machine Stratos Profi 1,80 m D-Lock4004817000
Sweeping machine Stratos Profi 1,80 m forklift4204817020
Sweeping machine Stratos Profi 2,25 m 3-point KAT1 / KAT2380 4822510 
Sweeping machine Stratos Profi 2,25 m D-Lock430 4822000 
Sweeping machine Stratos Profi 2,25 m forklift450 4822520 
Sweeping machine Stratos Profi 2,70 m 3-point KAT1 / KAT2410 4827010 
Sweeping machine Stratos Profi 2,70 m D-Lock460 4827000 
Sweeping machine Stratos Profi 2,70 m forklift480 4827020 



Hydraulische Schrägstellung Stratos Profi104845000
Superlastik Lenkrollen 250x85 mm (Aufpreis)
Sprüheinrichtung 12V oder 24V

Seitenkehrbesen PPN rechts37

Seitenkehrbesen PPN/ Stahl rechts39

Seitenkehrbesen PPN/ links35

Seitenkehrbesen PPN/ Stahl links37


Please note

*Spray equipment is supplied without connection cable set. Spray equipment is also available in 24 V each.



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