Universal screw conveyor

At a glance

  • Drive via hydraulic hydraulic motor with 4 m hose (requires 1 single-acting and 1 non-pres­su­ri­sed return flow line)
  • Overall length 3 m / 4 m,

    Æ 140 mm

  • Stainless steel for a long service life
  • Filling hopper with sieve
  • Cleaning slide gate for easy cleaning
  • Painted at­tech­ment parts to fit all tipper vehicles
  • Sloping ad­just­ment by means of rope pulleys and metal braces
  • Output of up to 20 t/h
  • Screw conveyor in robust packaging


  • Oil flow rate: Min. 20 l/min, max. 60 l/min. at max. 180 bar. If these values are exceeded, than a flow control valve must be fittet!

Cut-off valve

Filling hopper with sieve


  • Stop valve with 2 x 1 m hose
  • Flexible discharge hose, 1.20 m
  • Rope winch

Article number

art. no.
Screw conveyor 3 m944210150
Screw conveyor 4 m1224210240
Cut-off valve with 2 x 1 m hose
Flexible discharge hose, 1.20 m with clamp
Rope winch