levelling blade

The düvelsdorf levelling blade helps to level surfaces quickly and easily.

At a glance

  • Levelling blade for 3-point at­tach­ment CAT 2 Width 2.50 - 2.90 m
  • Standard width extension 20 cm on each side
  • Standard me­cha­ni­cal ad­just­ment, 3-way ad­jus­ta­ble
  • Minimum and maximum clearing width between 2.20 and 2.90 m
  • Blade can be set at an angle of max. approx. 30° to the tractor
  • Possible offset of approx. 40 cm to the left and right of the middle axis
  • Sloping angle ad­jus­ta­ble by approx. 10°
  • Ad­jus­ta­ble support wheel as standard feature
  • Extra streng­the­ned frame
  • Double-walled for addes stability
  • Blade height approx. 45 cm
  • Hard metal scraper bar


  • Hydraulic mounting kit con­sis­ting of: Electric change-over switch, set of hoses, 3 double-acting cylinders
  • 2 DW control units required

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Levelling balde
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