fodder clearing machine

The machine swivels me­cha­ni­cal­ly to the left or right. It is attached to the 3-point at­tach­ment, to the coupling triangle or front loader (for pawl at­tach­ments), with the com­bi­na­ted at­tach­ment for EURO, 3-point and coupling triangle - and now also with the power grab shovel bucket at­tach­ment.

The rotating wheel drive unit is executed above the ground.

Hydraulik ad­just­ment can be re­tro­fit­ted at any time on request.

At a glance

  • Clearing width: approx. 150 cm
  • Driven over the ground
  • Ad­just­ment to the left and right
  • A 16.9/34 tyre is re­com­men­ded (not included in delivery)
  • Galvanised


  • Hydraulic swi­vel­ling and ad­just­ment for fodder clearing machine 3-point + com­bi­na­ti­on


Power grab shovel bucket at­tach­ment

Article numbers

Fodder clearing machine 3-point me­cha­ni­cal
Fodder clearing machine com­bi­na­ti­on me­cha­ni­cal
Hydraulic ad­just­ment
Fodder clearing machine for power grab shovel bucket at­tach­ment