concrete mixer

The düvelsdorf concrete mixer 750 can be used for quick, con­ve­ni­ent, in­ex­pen­si­ve and high-quality pro­duc­tion of even lagre quan­ti­ties of concrete, mortar and screed. It also can be used for speed pickling.

The concrete mixer is equipped with a tried and tested, sturdy oil-bath gearbox. It transfers the force to the four spring-mounted arms of the stirring mechanism. The ad­jus­ta­ble stirring bladdes guarantee excellent mixing action for all types of concrete and mortar.

The concrete mixer can be picked up by the tractor hydraulic system or with a pallet fork.

At a glance

Oil-bath gearbox drive with normal PTO profile. Re­com­men­ded tractor power: from 70 hp

  • Solid work­manship
  • Sturdy oil bath gearbox
  • Spring-loaded stirring arms with ad­jus­ta­ble stirring blades
  • Side wall scraper
  • 3-point at­tach­ment CAT 2


  • Attention! Fill the gear unit with oil before initial operation!

Scope of supply

  • Splas­h­quard, tilting bar, side wall scraper, chute, sack opener and heavy-duty pro­tec­tive grating


  • Drive shaft with overload pro­tec­tion
  • Swi­vel­ling chute

At­tach­ment for pallet fork

Chute, swi­vel­ling

Splash­guard, tilting bar, sack opener

Article numbers

de­si­gna­ti­onkgpgart. no.
Concrete mixer DBM 750 L
Drive shaft with overload pro­tec­tion
Swi­vel­ling concrete chute