crate rotating device

The düvelsdorf crate rotating device fit all forklifts and other vehicles with the FEM II or FEM III, ISO standard.

The fork tines are adjusted using milled notches. The fork support unit is 100 cm wide. The rotating movement is achieved by means of a double-acting hydraulic cyinder with a diameter of 60 mm. All these crate rotating devices have a rotating range of 180° and operate in coun­ter­clock­wi­se direction.

At a glance

  • Load capacity 2,000 kg

Scope of supply

  • Hydraulic hoses with quick-action couplings  and a removable, hinged ad­di­tio­nal tine.
  • Forklift tines not included


  • Forklift tines
  • Pallet fork support unit (to use the DKG in the EURO at­tach­ment, the FEM II can be combined with the pallet fork support unit!)

Ad­jus­ta­ble forks

Article numbers

de­si­gna­ti­onkgpgart. no.
Crate rotating device FEM II3063524200
Crate rotating device FEM III3203524300
Pallet fork tines FEM II, ISO, each463515100
Pallet fork support unit FEM II, ISO1253515050



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