The GREEN.ROLLER classic – sturdy, safe and well-designed. The rolling element with
rounded edges measures 1.20 m in diameter and has a wall thickness of at least 12 mm to ensure it creates a flat surface. The roller’s weight can be effortlessly regulated using water, which is let in or out via two filler necks. This allows up to 2 tons of working weight per metre of working width and enables very good reconsolidation to be achieved. Particularly high driving comfort is achieved by the centrally arranged surge wall, which prevents the contained liquid from rocking the implement.


In addition to the robust frame, the large spherical roller bearings and the continuous shaft in the rolling element provide the required sturdiness. Parking is facilitated by a spindle-adjustable parking support. A spring-loaded scraper prevents contamination of the
rolling element. Whether air-braked or unbraked – you decide which chassis your GREEN.ROLLER classic should have. The transport width is particularly important for safe road travel. The 2.70 m wide roller stays below the 3 m transport width and can therefore be moved in road traffic without a special permit.

For the braked version in 2.50 m and 2.70 m, a TÜV certificate is also issued. All GREEN.ROLLER classics that are supplied with a chassis are equipped with lighting and hydraulics as standard.

Tecnical data

Working widths in m2,50 / 2,75 / 3,00
Weight* in kg2650 / 2770 / 3000
Transport width mm2720 / 2970 / 3220
* Weight for GREEN.ROLLER classic chassis, braked


The optional coupling cable attachment kit enables up to three meadow rollers to be quickly and easily connected to form one coupled trailer. In this way, considerably more area can be machined in a shorter time.


  • Rolling element can be braked in working position via compressed air brake system
  • 2.70 m working width under 3 m transport width
  • Chassis can be retrofitted at any time
  • Extension to a coupling cable possible up to max. 3 rollers

Articlenumbers at a glance

GREEN.ROLLER classic1 2,50 m
GREEN.ROLLER classic1 2,70 m3015275
GREEN.ROLLER classic1 3,00 m3015300
GREEN.ROLLER classic1 2,50 m, unbraked
GREEN.ROLLER classic1 2,70 m, unbraked3016275
GREEN.ROLLER classic1 3,00 m, unbraked3016300
GREEN.ROLLER classic1 2,50 m, braked3017250
GREEN.ROLLER classic1 2,70 m, braked3017275
GREEN.ROLLER classic1,2 3,00 m, braked

1 using secondary raw mamterials    2 without certificate


Lightning set LED
Coupking cable kit




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