Possible Applications:

  • Grassland maintenance and reseeding in spring before complete renovation in late summer
  • New planting of grassland areas
  • Clearing damage caused by wildlife
  • In agriculture: sowing of catch crops (ideally in combination with the TERRA.ROLLER expert)


The GREEN.RAKE expert can be adapted to your specific soil conditions. Optimum contour guidance is not only ensured by the individually suspended, 1.50 m wide tine section – the rake’s uniform form produced by the parallelogram guidance also provides optimum adjustment to the contour of the ground.

How aggressively you rake is up to you. The GREEN.RAKE expert can be adjusted from very gentle (e.g. for young grass on sandy, soft soils) to extremely aggressive for restoring hard soils.


Technical data

Working widths in m3 / 6 / 7,5 / 9
Weight in kg650 / 1180 / 1350 / 1470
Number of tine rows3
Tine spacing in mm50
Tine diameter in mm10
Transport width mm3000



  • Large support wheels
  • Convenient tine section configuration, as the form remains constant while the
    aggressiveness is set
  • Wide adjustment range for allsoil conditions
  • Individually suspended tine sections guided by parallelograms
  • Spring-loaded, robust levelling rail with collision protection



Extra-large support wheels

The large, trailing support wheels ensure very good rake height guidance. In addition, they allow easy cornering without the wheels and scrapers grinding against the ground.

Feeler wheel / Tail wheel

The feeler wheel / tail wheel’s speed sensor measures the combination’s working speed to
ensure uniform seed distribution. A further sensor determines the rake’s working or transport
position. The seed shaft is thus automatically switched on and off and prevents double sowing in the headland.

50 mm tine spacing

The standard tine spacing of 50 mm is ideal for raking out weeds and mosses. The three-row arrangement of the rake tines prevents the raked-out material from being pulled along and thus reduces the risk of clogging to a minimum.

Rake adjustment

The aggressiveness of the rake tines and thus their effect on the soil and turf are optimally
adjusted by means of an easily accessible lever. You can choose between four levels.
This makes the tines perfectly adaptable to any work application.

Adjustment of the levelling rail

With the lever, the preload on the levelling rail can be easily adjusted to four levels. With a low preload, for example, young stands can be levelled gently; with a correspondingly high preload, the levelling effect can be significantly increased if required. It´s always excactly how you need it. The setting lever is located on the implement for quick handling.

Heavy-dutylevelling rail

The robust levelling rail at the rear leaves a cleanly levelled soil surface. The collision protection
and the spring preloaded, adjustable suspension prevent damage when approaching or driving over obstacles. The rail can be dismantled quickly and easily for the best use of the  GREEN.RAKE expert in arable farming.

Rake tines

The tines’ double twist results in a larger field of motion. At the same time, the offset enables
intensive raking.

Tine loss protection

If a tine is lost, the loss protection system ensures that the broken tine is pukked along and does not remain on the grassland where it could cause considerable damage during subsequent work operations. This protection system is standard equipment for all düvelsdorf rake models.


On stony soils, the flexboard ensures optimum and lowwear levelling. The plates are individually mounted on leaf springs to avoid stones and foreign bodies and thus ensure
smooth operation. The plates can be mounted in two positions to adjust the working intensity.

Articlenumbers at a glance

GREEN.RAKE expert 3 m incl. assembly kit seeder
GREEN.RAKE expert 6 m2619600
GREEN.RAKE expert 7,5 m2619750
GREEN.RAKE expert 9 m2619900


Mounting kit seeder 6 m2619950
Mounting kit seeder 7,5 m2619955
Mounting kit seeder 9 m2619960
Hose bushinng for HS 8/1212619977
Coupling set TERRA.ROLLER 3 m2619350
Coupling set TERRA.ROLLER 6 - 9 m2619980
Feeler wheel/tail wheel GREEN.RAKE expert 3 m2619360
Feeler wheel/tail wheel GREEN.RAKE expert 6 - 9 m2619970
Flexboard GREEN.RAKE expert 3 m2619130
Flexboard GREEN.RAKE expert 6 m2619160
Flexboard GREEN.RAKE expert 7,5 m2619175
Flexboard GREEN.RAKE expert 9 m2619190




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