One Roller. Numerous Possibilities.     

On the field, the professional TERRA.ROLLER expert is a convincing implement with uniform soil pressure and optimum terrain adjustment. It is also well equipped for use on grassland. The three-part field roller scores already at first sight with its very sturdy frame. Other advantages emerge during field work. The individually suspended roller elements permit optimum adjustment to the ground surface. The roller produces uniform ground pressure across the entire working width. Mechanical or hydraulic pressure adjustment, depending on the particular version. TERRA.ROLLER expert can also be supplied with a seeder on request. The optional air brake ensures the necessary road safety.


  • Perfect ground adjustment
  • Uniform soil pressure
  • Sturdy frame
  • Low drawbar load
  • Available with seeder as option


Bezeichnung kg WG Art.-Nr.
TERRA.ROLLER expert 6,30 m Cambridge 3100 29 30060
TERRA.ROLLER expert 7,70 m Cambridge 3480 29 30075
TERRA.ROLLER expert 8,30 m Cambridge 3750 29 30080
TERRA.ROLLER expert 9,30 m Cambridge 4060 29 30090
TERRA.ROLLER expert 6,30 m Crown Ring 3640 29 30160
TERRA.ROLLER expert 7,70 m Crown Ring 4040 29 30175
TERRA.ROLLER expert 8,30 m Crown Ring 4460 29 30180
TERRA.ROLLER expert 9,30 m Crown Ring 4890 29 30190
Wheel 500/50 R17 86 30 125004
Air brake system 1   29 30450
Hose set HS Turbo ² 9 29 30570
Tread / Holder Seeder   29 30300
Tow-bar eye mod-kit   29 30460
K80 mod-kit   29 30470
Hydraulic pressure adjustment   29 30560
Star wheel TERRA.ROLLER   29 30590

1 Standard for TERRA.ROLLER expert in 8.30 m and 9.30 m with crown rings 
² For HS Turbo structure

Note: General vehicle certification necessary for using the TERRA.ROLLER on public roads.

TERRA.ROLLER expert can also be supplied with a seeder as an option. The seeder with tread can also be retrofitted at any time.

  Weight distribtion
The pre-loaded springs transfer the weight of the middle roller element to the two outer elements, thus ensuring uniform distribution of the ground pressure. In turn, this results in a uniform working pattern across the entire width.

Video: TERRA.ROLLER expert


The combination of GREEN.RAKE expert and TERRA.ROLLER expert brings together the advantages of both machines, turning them into an all-rounder for grassland and arable field.


Combination of GREEN.RAKE expert + TERRA.ROLLER expert